Hierarchical Classification System of the Knowledge Base

Water Resources

1.1. Surface water

1.1.1. Rivers Flow regulation Dams Classification of dams Hydropower Plants (HPP) Reservoirs Over-year storage reservoirs Seasonal, within-year, etc. storage reservoirs Irrigation reservoirs Power generating reservoirs (dams) Multipurpose reservoirs Safety of large hydraulic structures (dams, HPP, reservoirs) Inter-basin flow transfer

1.1.2. Lakes and ponds

1.1.3. Swamps

1.1.4. Wetlands

1.1.5. Glaciers (see also 7.3.)

1.2. Groundwaters

1.2.1. Groundwater types, classification, and characteristics

1.2.2. Factors, processes, and conditions of groundwater formation, its chemical composition and properties

1.2.3. Groundwater reserves and resources; types of groundwater deposits (aquifers)

1.2.4. Hydrogeodynamics and modeling

1.2.5. Groundwater regime and balance

1.2.6. Regional hydrogeology

1.2.7. Conservation of groundwater

1.2.8. Testing for groundwater inflow and migration

1.3. Groundwater and soil moisture

1.4. Return water

1.4.1. Return water management

1.5. Water quality

1.5.1 Water quality criteria

1.5.2 Drinking water quality

1.5.3 Surface water quality

1.5.4 Groundwater quality

1.5.5 Return water quality

1.5.6 Water quality management

1.6. Conservation of water bodies

1.7. Transboundary water resources

1.7.1. Transboundary surface water resources

1.7.2. Transboundary groundwater resources

1.7.3. International regulatory framework for transboundary water resources (see also 9.2.)

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