Selected bibliography / Advisory Documents and Guidelines

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Handbook 1. Wise use of wetlands. Concepts and approaches for the wise use of wetlands 

Handbook 2. National Wetland Policies. Developing and implementing National Wetland Policies 

Handbook 3. Laws and institutions. Reviewing laws and institutions to promote the conservation and wise use of wetlands 

Handbook 4. Avian influenza and wetlands. Guidance on control of and responses to highly pathogenic avian influenza 

Handbook 5. Partnerships. Key partnerships for implementation of the Ramsar Convention 

Handbook 6. Wetland CEPA. The Conventionís Programme on communication, education, participation, and public awareness (CEPA) 2009-2015 

Handbook 7. Participatory skills. Establishing and strengthening local communitiesí and indigenous peopleís participation in the management of wetlands 

Handbook 8. Water-related guidance. An Integrated Framework for the Conventionís water-related guidance 

Handbook 9. River basin management. Integrating wetland conservation and wise use into river basin management 

Handbook 10. Water allocation and management. Guidelines for the allocation and management of water for maintaining the ecological functions of wetlands 

Handbook 11. Managing groundwater. Managing groundwater to maintain wetland ecological character 

Handbook 12. Coastal management. Wetland issues in Integrated Coastal Zone Management 

Handbook 13. Inventory, assessment, and monitoring. An Integrated Framework for wetland inventory, assessment, and monitoring 

Handbook 14. Data and information needs. A Framework for Ramsar data and information needs 

Handbook 15. Wetland inventory. A Ramsar framework for wetland inventory and ecological character description 

Handbook 16. Impact assessment. Guidelines on biodiversity-inclusive environmental impact assessment and strategic environmental assessment 

Handbook 17. Designating Ramsar Sites. Strategic Framework and guidelines for the future development of the List of Wetlands of International Importance 

Handbook 18. Managing wetlands. Frameworks for managing Ramsar Sites and other wetlands 

Handbook 19. Addressing change in wetland ecological character. Addressing change in the ecological character of Ramsar Sites and other wetlands 

Handbook 20. International cooperation. Guidelines and other support for international cooperation under the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands 

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