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Hierarchical Classification System of the Knowledge Base

1. Water Resources

2. Water Resources Use

3. Agriculture

4. Land Reclamation

5. Land Degradation and Desertification

6. Hydroecology

7. Climate Change

8. Water Governance and Management

9. Water Law and Policy

10. Economic and Financial Aspects

11. Water and Education

12. Water and Ethics

13. Decision Support System

14. Sustainable Development, Green Growth, and Security

15. Gender and Gender Policy

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Declarations and Statements of the Heads of Central Asian States

Intergovernmental Agreements of Central Asia States

Multilateral Agreements at the Global and Regional Levels

Advisory Documents and Guidelines

UN GA Resolutions

Agreements on Transboundary Water Protection and Use

Bilateral Environmental Agreements

Constitutions of Central Asian states

National Water Legislation

National Land Legislation

Environmental laws of Central Asian and Caucasus states

Azerbaijan Republic

Republic of Armenia


Republic of Kazakhstan

Kyrgyz Republic

Republic of Tajikistan

Republic of Uzbekistan

Legal and Regulatory Framework for Gender Equity

Official Documents of IFAS, ICWC and ICSD

EC IFAS publications

ICWC Bulletins

Publications of Training Center ICWC

ICSD publications

GWP CACENA publucations

ICID Declarations

World Water Fora






CAREWIB Project's publications

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Historical Documents, Books, Monographs, Papers

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Central Asian newspapers and magazines

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Republic of Uzbekistan

Clean Water Space

Knowledge Base “Water and Land Resources Use in the Aral Sea Basin”

Knowledge Base “Integrated Water Resources Management: Central Asian Experience”

Knowledge Base “International and National Water Law”

Knowledge Base “Land Law”

Knowledge Base “Waterworks Safety”

Knowledge Base “Gender and Water”

Knowledge Base on Afghanistan


Glossary “Water Management”

Glossary “Gender and Water”

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