Hierarchical Classification System of the Knowledge Base

Water Law and Policy

9.1. National water law and policy

9.1.1. General issues of the national water law and policy

9.1.2. Right to use water and natural resources Legal aspects of land reclamation and irrigated agriculture

9.1.3. Water conflicts at the national level and tools for resolving those

9.1.4. Selected documents of the national water law (country-based) Constitution and laws Bylaws

9.2. International water law and policy

9.2.1. General issues of the international water law and policy

9.2.2. International legal cooperation in the field of water resources Cooperation between countries in using particular international watercourses Legal framework of interstate water cooperation in Central Asia

9.2.3. Water conflicts at the interstate level and tools for resolving those Water and armed conflicts Water and economic development Water and foodstuff Water and energy Water and environment

9.2.4. Selected documents of the international water law and policy International treaties Advisory tools

9.3. Legal regulation of related sectors

9.3.1. Legal regulation of land use

9.3.2. Legal regulation of environmental conservation

9.3.3. Legal regulation of the relationship between water and energy

9.4. Water diplomacy

9.4.1. General issues of water diplomacy

9.4.2. Water diplomacy and international law

9.4.3. Types of (water) diplomacy Public (water) diplomacy Preventive (water) diplomacy Bilateral (water) diplomacy Multilateral (water) diplomacy

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