Selected bibliography / Textbooks and tutorials

Training Aids for Dam Safety (TADS): A Self-Instructional Study Course in Dam Safety Practices

Component 1: Dam Safety Awareness, Organization and Implementation

Awareness 1: Dam Safety Awareness 

Awareness 2: How to Organize a Dam Safety Program 

Awareness 3: How to Organize an Operation and Maintenance Program 

Awareness 4: How to Develop and Implement an Emergency Action Plan 

Awareness 5: Identification of Visual Dam Safety Deficiencies 

Component 2. Dam Safety Inspection

Inspection 1: Preparing to Conduct a Dam Safety Inspection 

Inspection 2: Documenting and Reporting Findings from a Dam Safety Inspection 

Inspection 3: Inspection of Embankment Dams 

Inspection 4: Inspection of Concrete and Masonry Dams 

Inspection 5: Inspection of the Foundation, Abutments, and Reservoir Rim 

Inspection 6: Inspection of Spillways and Outlet Works 

Inspection 7: Inspection and Testing of Gates, Valves, and Other Mechanical Systems 

Inspection 8: Instrumentation for Embankment and Concrete Dams 

Inspection 9: Identification of Material Deficiencies 

Component 3. Data Review, Investigation and Analysis, and Remedial Action for Dam Safety

Review 1: The Dam Safety Process 

Review 2: Evaluation of Hydrologic Adequacy 

Review 3: Evaluation of Hydraulic Adequacy 

Review 4: Evaluation of Concrete Dam Stability 

Review 5: Evaluation of Embankment Dam Stability and Deformation 

Review 6: Evaluation of Seepage Conditions 

Training Manual on International Environmental Law (UNEP, 2006) 

Training Resource Manual: The Use of Economic Instruments for Environmental and Natural Resource Management (UNEP, 2009)