Hierarchical Classification System of the Knowledge Base


6. Hydroecology

6.1. Optimizing the functioning of ecosystems created for drinking water and wastewater treatment

6.2. Expert assessment of environmental impact of regulation, redistribution, and diversion of river flow, man-made changes in the hydrologic regimes of lakes and seas

6.3. Survey of newly established industrial, agricultural and other enterprises with the view of protection of water ecosystems against inadmissible damages. Environmental impact assessment

6.4. Monitoring of water ecosystems

6.5. Ways to establish optimum form of attitude of people to water ecosystems

6.6. Improvement of the scientific basis of water ecosystem conservation

6.7. Measures aimed at providing population with clean water in the context of growing civilization, depletion of natural resources, and pollution of water bodies

6.8. Environmental and geographic method of hydroecology

6.9. System approach of hydroecology