Water Yearbook: Central Asia and around the Globe

We are delighted to introduce the first edition of the Central Asian Water Yearbook which features key water related events and developments in Central Asia and beyond. The Yearbook seeks to ease access to key events of the year for policy and decision-makers and other stakeholders, inside and outside the water community in Central Asia, by presenting it in a user-friendly format. We hope that this annual publication will contribute to better coordination of efforts undertaken by the countries, regional and international organisations in the water field.

We thank all organizations and individuals who provided information on their activities and projects for this Yearbook.

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Section 1. 2017 Calendar of events

Section 2. Water management situation in the Aral Sea basin

Section 3. IFAS and other regional organizations in Central Asia

Section 4. Bilateral water cooperation between the states in Central Asia

Section 5. Key water developments in the countries of Central Asia

Section 6. United Nations and its specialized agencies

Section 7. International water organizations and initiatives

Section 8. Activity of international partners in Central Asia

Section 9. Water education

Section 10. Science and innovations

Section 11. Key water developments

Section 12. Thematic reviews

Section 13. Publications in 2017

Section 14. Central Asia water awards

Section 15. Global Risks 2018

Section 16. 2018 Calendar of events

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