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Water Yearbook: Central Asia and around the Globe

Let us offer you the first edition of the Water Yearbook: Central Asia and around the Globe, which includes water related highlights of 2017.

The Yearbook is designed to present key developments and activities on water-related subjects in Central Asian and globally for ICWC members and all interested parties in a user-friendly and single format.

2017 Yearbook consists of 16 sections, including:

  1. 2017 Calendar of events;
  2. Water-related situation in the Aral Sea Basin;
  3. Organizations under umbrella of IFAS and other regional organizations in CA;
  4. Bilateral water cooperation between the CA countries;
  5. Key water developments in the CA countries;
  6. UN and its specialized agencies;
  7. International water organizations and initiatives;
  8. Activity of international partners in CA;
  9. Water education;
  10. Science and innovations;
  11. Key water developments around the world;
  12. Thematic reviews: Chinas One Belt, One Road Initiative, Climate change, Sustainable Development Goals;
  13. Publications;
  14. Water-related awards in CA;
  15. Risks 2018; and,
  16. 2018 Calendar of events.