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Water Yearbook: Central Asia and around the Globe

Let us offer you the first edition of the Water Yearbook Central Asia and around the Globe, which includes water related highlights of 2017.

The Yearbook is designed to present key developments and activities on water-related subjects in Central Asian and globally for ICWC members and all interested parties in a user-friendly and single format.

2017 Yearbook consists of 16 sections, including:

0. Preface by Prof. V. Dukhovniy, SIC ICWC Director

2017 Calendar of events

Water-related situation in the Aral Sea Basin

Organizations under umbrella of IFAS and other regional organizations in CA

Bilateral water cooperation between the CA countries

Key water developments in the CA countries

UN and its specialized agencies

International water organizations and initiatives

Activity of international partners in CA

Water education

Science and innovations

Key water developments around the world

Thematic reviews: Chinas One BeltOne Road Initiative, Climate change, Sustainable Development Goals


Water-related awards in CA

Risks 2018

2018 Calendar of events

You may download the Yearbook from the links by certain chapters or in one file.