About Platform


Proposed organizational structure:

  • Board of Governors, formed from representatives of the institutes of strategic re-search of the countries of Central Asia (5 persons), agrees a general strategy of action and priority research areas, but is not responsible for the results of inde-pendent research
  • Scientific Advisory Board, comprised of authoritative experts from the region and abroad (7 persons), defines the overall strategy of action and priority areas of re-search and controls the quality of research
  • Secretariat administers, coordinates and mobilizes funding
  • National focal points organize the work of an interdisciplinary team of experts in countries

The organizational structure of the platform is in its infancy. By now, national coordinators have been selected and national teams of experts from various disciplines have been formed.

The work of the Platform is coordinated by prof. Ibatullin S.R., SIC ICWC provides administrative support.