Experts Database

International Experts Database is designed to support prospective multidisciplinary research on water security and sustainable development in Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central Asia.

The Database:

  • contains validated, regularly updated profiles of motivated and experienced experts,
  • does not require registration,
  • is continuously renewed and expended with new information and topics.

For those who search for expert support

If you are looking for expertise for your multidisciplinary research programs or projects, please, search the database. You can contact experts directly or apply to the Platforms Secretariat or national coordinators for help.


For experts

If you have suitable experience, skills and knowledge and the desire to take part in multidisciplinary research on water security and sustainable development, please, submit your application for inclusion into the database and presentation of your experience to interested organizations. Experts will be invited as consultants to short-term assignments.

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Areas of Expertise

IWRM; irrigation and drainage (including their operation); water conservation; water supply and sanitation; operation and safety of hydraulic structures; water supply, disposal and distribution management; maintenance and operation of water facilities.

soil science; land degradation; desertification; pastures; land productivity

agroecology; agronomy; land reclamation; crop production; plant protection; seed growing; farming; agricultural mechanization and automation; precise agriculture; agricultural innovations; livestock breeding; fish farming; yield programming

sustainable development; green growth and security; hydroecology; ecosystem protection and restoration, including biodiversity conservation; environmental flows

hydropower; renewables; energy security; organic fuel; nuclear power

water law; land law; environmental law; international law; geopolitics

water pricing; fees for water delivery services; charges for pollution; state financing of the water sector; investments in the water sector; financial and economic mechanisms of IWRM

water-environmental education; skills upgrading and training

gender mainstreaming in natural resource management/use and agriculture

water, sanitary and hygiene; water safety and quality; environmental impact on health under emergencies

metrology; hydrology; meteorology

legal regulation of water and energy relations; water diplomacy; interstate water disputes and settlement tools

production; storage and processing of basic foodstuff; social development of rural area

floods; earthquake; landslides and mudflows; avalanche; storms; droughts; prevention of humanitarian catastrophe

surface water; groundwater; international law of transboundary water; institutional mechanisms; institutions (basin commissions)

long-term and strategic planning; SWOT-analysis; development programs and strategies; modeling

water management adaptation to climate change; modeling and building climate scenarios; glacier degradation

information and knowledge management; decision support systems; information systems; databases; knowledge bases; tools and models; geographic information systems; information exchange