About Platform

Mission and Tasks

The Expert Platform serves as a community of independent experts that conduct interdisciplinary research on water security and sustainable development in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia and adjacent regions.

Its mission is to contribute to achieving water security and sustainable development by strengthening evidence-based policy-making on future development and investments at the level of countries, transboundary basins and regions.

To achieve this mission, the platform will:

  • bring together leading experts from different disciplines and countries
  • perform cutting edge research on an agreed program of work
  • deliver high quality research reports, assessments and other products to showcase new opportunities for sustainable development
  • contribute to strengthening education in the field of sustainable development
  • interact with various partners, including research centers of foreign countries
  • move away from the boundaries of sectoral approaches towards application of new principles of integration, where expertise from a wide variety of fields (such as agriculture, water management, energy, environment, climate) and disciplines (engineering, law, economics, social sciences, management data and knowledge, international relations, etc.) contribute to finding trade-offs and pursuing innovations.

The expert platform will open the opportunities:

For strategic planning

Better environment for open dialogue with experts from all countries in the region, deeper understanding of water issues as part of development strategies, wider perspectives for planning and forecasting

For scientific and technological policies

Contributes to coordination of research efforts and better conditions for dissemination of advanced knowledge and sharing of experience

For water policies

Fills the gap in integrated approaches and expert assessments and engages new spheres of knowledge in integrated transboundary water management

For science

Favorable conditions for partnerships between the governmental sector and research institutions, extended demand and queries for research, wider opportunities for financial support for implementation of national priority projects

For regional cooperation

Provides a space for expert consultations on a wide range of national and regional issues

For international partners

Access to local expertise