Roundtable in memory of Prof. V.A. Dukhovniy “Improvement of regional water and energy cooperation in Central Asia”

16 August 2023

Theme: discussion on ways to improve water and energy cooperation in Central Asia. Among others, presentation of a Discussion Paper on rethinking institutional and financial mechanisms on water and energy cooperation in Central Asia prepared within the Expert Platform on Water Security, Sustainable Development, and Future Studies.

During the roundtable, colleagues, close associates and students of prof. Victor Abramovich Dukhovniy will discuss his legacy and ideas to be brought into practice to the benefit of people and the nature.

Participants: scientists and practitioners working in the water sector, energy and nature protection, representatives of water management organizations in the Central Asian countries, IFAS agencies, including ICWC and ICSD, CDC “Energy”, NGOs, civil society and other concerned organizations.


D. Ziganshina, Director of SIC ICWC

Results of expeditions undertaken to the dried seabed of the Aral Sea
G.V. Stulina, SIC ICWC

Research results on rational water and land use in Tajikistan
Ya. Pulatov, Head of Innovative Technology Division, Institute of Water Problems, Hydropower and Ecology at Academy of Sciences, Republic of Tajikistan

Strategic water management planning in the Russian Federation
N.B. Prokhorova, Head of Water Sector Professional Development Center

Forming common academic space for water education in the CA countries
S.R. Ibatullin, Director, International Training Center on Safety of Hydrotechnical Constructions

Institutional forms and financial mechanisms for water and energy cooperation in Central Asia: history, present status and best world practices
Muminov Sh.Kh., Deputy Director, SIC ICWC

Convention on the protection and use of transboundary watercourses and international lakes as a tool of regional water cooperation in Central Asia
S.A. Bekmaganbetov, EC IFAS, Authorized representative from the Republic of Kazakhstan

Methods of computational hydraulics for reducing natural disaster risks
D.V. Kozlov, Head of the Hydraulics and Hydrotechnical Construction Subdepartment, MGSU, President of EECCA NWO

On the Project “Incorporating Biodiversity Safeguards in Development of Hydropower and Water Infrastructure in the Mountains of Central Asia”
Ye.A. Simonov, “Rivers without Boundaries” International Coalition, Coordinator

Water resources and water availability in the Amu Darya River
A.M. Nazariy, Deputy Director, SIC ICWC