Roundtable in memory of Prof. V.A. Dukhovniy on
“Continuing the Work of Professor V.A. Dukhovniy”

16 August 2022

Victor Abramovich Dukhovniy – Director of the Scientific Information Center of Interstate Commission for Water Coordination of Central Asia, Executive Director of the Network of Water Organizations in Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia, Honorary Vice-President of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, Academician of the Russian Academy of Water Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, eminent scientist and organizer of land reclamation and water development – passed away on the14th of August, 2021 at the age of 88.

During the roundtable, colleagues, close associates and students of prof. Victor Abramovich Dukhovniy will discuss a great legacy of his work, thoughts, ideas and plans to follow up to the benefit of people and nature.

A page dedicated to the scientific heritage of Prof. V.A. Dukhovniy is on the SIC ICWC website.

About 400 items of research work – monographs, scientific and top articles, inventions, etc. are offered to the attention of scientists and practitioners working in agriculture, water management and ecology, including university students of relevant fields and all interested parties (available in Russian and also in English). Most of the above items have links for downloading. The SIC ICWC team continues to digitize the scientific heritage of Prof. V.A. Dukhovniy.


Greetings from the Ministry of Water Management of Uzbekistan – Ismail Djurabekov
Greetings from SIC ICWC – Dinara Ziganshina, PhD, Director of SIC ICWC

Cooperation with Prof. V.A. Dukhovniy in the field of transboundary water use and protection
Nariman Kipshakbayev, Prof., Director of SIC ICWC Kazakhstan branch, Almaty

Scientific work of Prof. V.A. Dukhovniy in the field of water training
Saghit Ibatullin, Dr. of technical science, Prof., Director of International Training Center for the Safety of Hydrotechnical Facilities, Taraz

Contribution of Prof. V.A. Dukhovniy to nexus practices for efficient water management and use
Vadim Sokolov, PhD, Head of IFAS Project Implementation Agency

2023 – 30th anniversary of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea
Serik Bekmaganbetov, EC IFAS, Authorized representative from the Republic of Kazakhstan, Dushanbe

A new vision for solving the problems of the Small Aral Sea
Anatoliy Ryabtsev, Acting Executive Secretary of the EECCA Network of Water-Management Organizations, Almaty

Knowledge in the history of water science
Nadejda Prokhorova, Dr. of Economics, Prof., Head of the Water Professional Development Center at FGUP RosNIVH, Yekaterinburg

Amu Darya River water management based on the rules
Anatoliy Sorokin, Lead Specialist of SIC ICWC, Tashkent

Adaptation to climate change and reduction of water-related disaster risks and relevant measures taken by Uzbekistan
Ilkhom Djurayev, EC IFAS, Authorized representative from the Republic of Uzbekistan, Dushanbe

Climate change and water resources in Central Asia
Ismail Dairov, Director of the Central Asian Regional Mountain Center, Bishkek

The Siberian project: relevance and opportunities
Nazarov Ravshan, PhD, Institute of State and Law of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Global trends in hydropower development and protection of river ecosystems
Evgeniy Simonov, “Rivers without Boundaries” International Coalition



Videoconference Report