Publications of EC IFAS

U. Ashirbekov, I. Zonn: Aral: the History of Dying Sea (2003)

779 kB

IFAS 10 years (decisions and events) (2003)

500 kB

IFAS: the way to regional cooperation (2003)

592 kB

Impact of Climate Change to Water Resources in Central Asia (2009)

983 kB

GEF Agency of IFAS (2009)

14,5 MB

Aral Sea Basin Program 3 (2011)

2 MB

BEAM — Aral Sea Basin Economic Allocation Model (2012)

4,96 MB

Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Water Resources with Respect to Energy Economic Infrastructure in the Countries of Central Asia (2012)

5,92 MB

The International Fund for saving the Aral Sea — in best interests of peoples of Central Asia (2012)

2,3 MB

The Executive Committee of International Fund for saving the Aral Sea and International Cooperation (2012)

1,29 MB

Regional Center of Hydrology in Central Asia (2012)

2,1 MB

Central Asia Hydrometeorology Modernization Project (2012)

2,6 MB

Project ôMutually acceptable mechanism on integrated use of water resources in Central Asia through applying a Scenario Approachö (2012)

1 MB

Program of Measures on Eliminating the Consequences of the Drying Up of the Aral Sea and Averting the Catastrophe of the Ecological Systems in the Aral Sea Region (2013)

2 MB

The International Fund for saving the Aral Sea (2014)

2,26 MB

Aral Sea: Yesteday, Today, Tomorrow (2015)

12,6 MB

Participation EC IFAS in the 7th World Water Forum (2015)

16,6 MB

Uzbekistan on the way to solve the Aral crisis (2018)

6,4 MB

Agency of the IFAS in Uzbekistan

Summit of the Heads of States-Founders of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (2018)

1,11 MB

25 years of activities of the International Fund for saving the Aral Sea and new impulses for development of the Aral Sea region (2019)

27 MB