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World Water Fora

4th World Water Forum: Mexico City, Mexico, 2006

V. Dukhovny, V. Sokolov: Integrated Water Resources Management: Experience and Lessons Learned from Central Asia — towards the Fourth World Water Forum (2005)

610 kB

V. Dukhovny, V. Sokolov: Challenges and Actions for Integrated Approaches. Central Asia: Position for the 4th World Water Forum (2005)

496 kB

Local Action 1: Testing of the practical ways to implement IWRM concept in Central Asia within the pilot projects (2005)

200 kB

Local Action 2: Multi stakeholder dialogue on ways for future water resources development in Central Asia (2005)

275 kB

Sub-Regional Position Paper: Central Asia. Challenges and Actions for Integrated Approaches (2006)

201 kB

IWRM as a Basis for Social and Economic Development in Central Asia (2006)

625 kB

5th World Water Forum: Istanbul, Turkey, 2009

Towards to 5th World Water Forum: Reports from Central Asia (2009)

261 kB

5th World Water Forum: Top 25 Highlights (2009)

464 kB

6th World Water Forum: Marseille, France, 2012

Leaflet 6th World Water Forum (2010)

440 kB

Final Documents of the International Conference “Towards the 6th World Water Forum  — Cooperative Actions for Water Security” (12-13 May 2011, Tashkent, Uzbekistan)

1,9 MB

6th World Water Forum: Post-Forum Highlights

5,3 MB

Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation on Trans-boundary Water Resources in Central Asia: the Way Forward Following the Sixth World Water Forum

501 kB

9th World Water Forum: Dakar, Senegal, 2022

The Position paper 9th World Water Forum: Central Asia for peace and development. Priorities, actions and challenges for the future (2022)

20,1 MB

International Water Conferences

High Level InternationalConference on the Midterm Comprehensive Review of theInternational Decade for Action Water for Life, 2005-2015 (2010)

Published by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan

6,3 MB