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Diagnostic Report on Water Resources in Central Asia (2004) [461 kB]

Keywords: water management, strategy for the rational and efficient use of energy and water resources, hydrological links, hydrological regimes, water quality

V.A. Dukhovny, I.S. Avakyan, V.G. Prihodko, M.T. Ruziev: The Aral Sea basin and irrigated agriculture in Central Asia in the 21st century (2005) [44 kB]

Keywords: development of the regional and national strategies for rational water and land use, irrigated agriculture, natural deficit of water consumption, interdependence of water management activities

V.A. Dukhovny, G.V. Stulina: Strategy of use transboundary return flow in Aral Sea basin (2005) [33 kB]

Keywords: agricultual lands, collector-drainage network, natural hydrological regime, destruction of engineering structures, flooding, water logging, landscape degradation, sea shore, desert ecosystems

V.A. Dukhovny: Transboundary waters and their joint use — hydrological and political aspects (2005) [68 kB]

Keywords: water resources use and conservation management, effective and rational water use sovereignty, economic progress destroyed ecosystems

V.A. Dukhovny: Integrated Water Resources Management in Central Asia: lessons learned from the Aral Sea basin (2005) [653 kB]

Keywords: water management, irrigated agriculture, regional water management and irrigation, economic system of irrigation, water supply

V.A. Dukhovny: The creation of capacity development of interstate water collaboration in the Aral Sea Basin (2005) [234 kB]

Keywords: joint management and development of transboundary water recourses, regional and national information systems, strategic planning and implementation

A.A.Nazirov: Central Asia: water for food (2005) [41 kB]

Keywords: irrigated agriculture, ineffective water use, cotton production, water limits, water allowance zoning principles, implementation of water-conservation ideology

T.A. Altyev: Water for development in Central Asia (2005) [34 kB]

Keywords: rational and provident use of water resources, global water availability dynamics, water deficiency, water quality, efficient system for monitoring

Sh.R. Khamraev: Water for environment and natural complex of Central Asia (2005) [443 kB]

Keywords: water quantity and quality, water volume, river flow regulation, hydrological and hydrochemical regimes, dynamics of water volume

A.D. Ryabtsev: Risk (flood and drought) management — consequences for the downstream (2005) [42 kB]

Keywords: implementation of the integrate water resources management, irrigation and drainage systems, construction of hydraulic structures, irrigated agriculture, water consumption

J.B. Bekbolotov: Public participation in water resources management (in terms of WUAs in Kyrgyzstan) (2005) [33 kB]

Keywords: integrated water resources management, implement water protection measures, water resources quality and quantity, water user, basin approach, prevention of conflicts

A.K. Kenshimov: National Plan for Integrated Water Resources Management and Water Efficiency in Kazakhstan (2005) [40 kB]

Keywords: development of irrigation and drainage, water supply, water resources use management, principles of IWRM, river basin level, rational and careful use and conservation of water resources, providing population with drinking water of guaranteed quality

V.A. Dukhovny, N.K. Kipshakbaev, I.B. Ruziev, T.I. Budnikova, V.G. Prikhodko: Water-Ecological Problems of the Syrdarya River Delta and Measures to Solve Them (2007) [1222 kB]

E. Kreuzberg-Mukhina, N. Gorelkin, A. Kreuzberg, V. Talskykh, E. Bykova, V. Aparin, I. Mirabdullaev, R. Toryannikova: The Promise for Freshwater Biodiversity Conservation in Central Asia: Focus on the Aral Sea Basin (2007) [1524 kB]

Keywords: environment degradation, institutional and legal approaches, ecologically sustainable nature protection system, disturbance of water-salt balance, impulverization processes, degradation and salinization of hydromorphological soils

V. Sokolov: Experiences with IWRM in the Central Asia and Caucasus Regions (2006) [315 kB]

Keywords: social-economic degradation, water users, water resources management, engineered water delivery infrastructure, institutional infrastructure, water supply, management tools

M. Hamidov: Water resources — factor of security, cooperation and development of the Central-Asian region. Problems and ways of their resolving. Questions and prospects (2007) [384 kB]

Keywords: ecological rehabilitation, ecological balance, hydroelectric power stations, water-economic basis, protection of water resources, international water law

V. Dukhovny, P. Umarov, H. Yakubov, C. Madramootoo: Drainage in the Aral Sea basin (2007) [67 kB]

Keywords: control water logging and salinization, irrigation canals, institutional structure, drainage network, integrated water resources management, hydrologic and geomorphologic peculiarities

V.A. Dukhovny: Water and Globalization: Case Study of Central Asia (2007) [539 kB]

Keywords: globalization, water sector, global networks, environmental management, water community, water assessment programme, water management, hydraulic structures, irrigated agriculture, water supply

D. Ziganshina: Renewable Policy Research Project: Uzbekistan (2008) [49 kB]

Keywords: water transportation systems, nature conservation, environmental protection, hydropower plants, energy sector, energy conservation, hydropower system, power supply systems, future environmental priority

K. Wegerich: Passing over the conflict. The Chu Talas Basin agreement as a model for Central Asia? (2008) [285 kB]

Keywords: water management, water sharing, transboundary infrastructure, informal networks, water agreements, geographical description, water politics, irrigated area, basin water management framework

V.A. Dukhovny: Again about re-distribution of Siberian river flow to the South (2009) [84 kB]

Keywords: operation regime, agricultural sectors, water accumulation, water limits, hydroegoism, transboundary rivers, geopolitical importance, water transfer

M.G. Horst, S.S. Shamutalov , L.S. Pereira, J.M. Goncalves: Field assessment of the water saving potential with furrow irrigation in Fergana, Aral Sea basin (2005) [491 kB]

Keywords: improved crop irrigation management, irrigation systems, irrigation depths, water savings and salinity control, water management, distribution systems, water resources mobilized for irrigation

V.A. Dukhovny, G.V. Stulina: Water and food security in Central Asia (2010) [249 kB]

Keywords: water resources management, agricultural lands, food availability, water block, food production, sustainable irrigation water supply, water infrastructure

I. Rudenko, J.P.A. Lamers: Virtual water saves prized liquid asset. Concept raises awareness about dwindling resource in arid region (2010) [183 kB]

Keywords: natural availability of water resources, irrigation and drainage networks, agricultural production, ecological sustainability of agricultural land, transboundary conflicts, ecological consequences

B. Libert: UNECE environmental conventions and activities in Central Asia (2010) [26 kB]

Keywords: promoting transboundary cooperation, ecologically sound management of transboundary surface waters and groundwater, quality of drinking water and the quality of discharges, environmental assessment

E. Roget, P. Zavialov, V. Khan, and M. A. Muniz: Geodynamical processes in the channel connecting the two lobes of the Large Aral Sea (2010) [539 kB]

Keywords: geodynamical processes, Aral Sea

R. Kulmatov, I. Soliev: The Modern Problems of Monitoring, Pollution and Management of the Transboundary Rivers of Aral Sea basin (2010) [329 kB]

Keywords: transboundary rivers, Aral Sea, monitoring

I. Krasnova, D. Ziganshina, B. Mukhammadiev: Environmental Law — Russia and Central Asia (2010) [716 kB]

Keywords: environmental law, international cooperation

S.-M. Jalilov, T.M. DeSutter, J.A. Leitch: Impact of Rogun dam on downstream Uzbekistan agriculture (2011) [1,4 MB]

Keywords: agriculture, international cooperation, dam

V. Dukhovny, G. Stulina: Implementation IWRM in Ferghana Valley (2012) [355 kB]

Keywords: IWRM, international cooperation, water governance, Central Asia

R. Kulmatov, M. Groll, C. Opp, A. Azizov: The Water Quality of the Transboundary Zarafshon River (2011) [1,95 MB]

Keywords: water quality, transboundary cooperation

D.C. McKinney: Sustainable Water Management in the Aral Sea Basin (1997) [73 kB]

Keywords: sustainable water management, transboundary cooperation, sustainable water use strategy, Aral Sea

X. Cai, D.C. McKinney, M.W. Rosegrant: Sustainability Analysis for Irrigation Water Management: Concepts, Methodology, and Application to the Aral Sea Region (2001) [174 kB]

Keywords: irrigation water management, sustainability, system analysis, Aral Sea

D.C. McKinney: Cooperative Management of Transboundary Water Resources in Central Asia (2003) [325 kB]

Keywords: regional water cooperation, water management

M.N. Sennikov, G.E. Omarova, Zh.N. Moldamuratov: Study of the Development of Soil in the Formation of Channels Hydraulic and Static Stability of Cross-Sectional Shapes (2014) [214 kB]

Keywords: channels, siltation, sediment, hydrotransport ,cleansing, consistency, turbulence, pulsation and snapper