Aral Sea and its coastal zone (Prearalie)

South Prearalie — New Perspectives (2003)

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Table of Contents

Keywords: degradation of water resources, desertification, sustainable management of land and water resources, water pollution

Economical assessment of joint and local measures for the reduction of socio-economical damage in the coastal zone of Aral Sea (2004)

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Keywords: mathematical model, forecast of the Aral Sea development, economical assessment, socio-economical conditions

The rehabilitation of the ecosystem and bioproductivity of the Aral Sea under conditions of water scarcity (2006)

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Keywords: calibration of mathematical model, forecast of the Aral Sea development, hydrochemistry, water diversion, water development, rehabilitation of fishery

Assessment of the Social-Economic Damage under the Influence of the Aral Sea Level Lowering for South Aral Sea coast (2001)

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Keywords: environmental protection measures, environmental damage, restore biological productivity, preservation of artificial reservoirs

Aral Sea Basin Initiative. Towards a strategy for sustainable irrigated agriculture with feasible investment in drainage. Synthesis Report (FAO IPTRID) (2005)

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Keywords: hydrogeology, drainage system, salinization of soil, irrigation efficiency

Comprehensive Remote Sensing and Ground-Based Studies of the Dried Aral Sea Bed (2008)

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Table of Contents

Keywords: Salt accumulation processes, geomorphological processes, hydrogeology, erosion prevention, ecological hazard assessment, wetland restoration

Ecosystem restoration in the Syrdarya delta and Northern part of the Aral Sea (2010)

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Aral Sea Problems: Review and Decisions

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International Conference "Aral: Past, Present and Future. Two centuries of the Aral Sea investigations". Abstract of presenations (2009)

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Keywords: Water ecosystems, salinity, landscape-ecological monitoring, geoinformational mapping, regional cartographic monitoring, environmental monitoring

Global International Waters Assessment: Aral Sea (2005)

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Aral Sea and the Aral region. Review of work undertaken by SIC ICWC on monitoring and analysis of socio-economic and environmental situation in the period from 1994 to 2018 (2020)

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The Aral Sea Region - a Zone of Environmental Innovations and Technologies (2020)

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