Indicators of Sustainable Development for Central Asia Countries

Uzbekistan - Socio-economic indices

National reports, strategies and action plans

Millennium Development Goals Report Uzbekistan (2006)

Millennium Development Goals Report Uzbekistan (2015)

Publication of statistical indicators of achievement of national SDGs in the Republic of Uzbekistan (2019)

Voluntary National Review of Uzbekistan (2020)


GDP per capita, $ PPC

Real GDP per capita, $

Rate of GDP growth, in % to the previous year

Sructure of GDP, %:

    share of industry

    share of agriculture

    share of construction

    share of services


Foreign debt in % from GDP

Expenditures on scientific researches, % from GDP

Expenditures on environmental protection, % from GDP

Human development index

Gini index - discrepancy in earning

Population below income poverty line, in %

Annual energy consumption per capita, thousand kW

Number of population, mln people

Rate of population growth, % to the previous year

Infant mortality rate: children under-one year per 1000 births

Infant mortality rate: children under 5 years per 1000 births

Average life expectancy, years

Dynamics of birth rate (per 1000 people of the population), in %

Dynamics of death rate (per 1000 people of the population), in %