Indicators of Sustainable Development for Central Asia Countries

Uzbekistan - Land resources

National reports, strategies and action plans

National Action Programme to Combat Desertification in Republic of Uzbekistan (1999)


Deforestation, thousand ha/year

Use of agricultural pesticide, kg/ha

Use of fertilizers: organic, tn/ha

Use of fertilizers: mineral, tn/ha


Change of forest areas, thousand ha:

    Area covered by forest

    Woods planting

    Sanitary deforestation

    Restoration woods planting

    Protective woods planting

Area of agricultural land, mln ha

Land use change, restructuring:

    arable land ,%


    agricultural land,%

    fallow land,%

Portion of irrigated arable land, thousand ha

Portion of irrigated lands to agricultural land area, %

Arable land per capita, ha/capita

Area affected by salinization, thousand ha

Area affected by water logging, thousand ha

Area affected by water logging, thousand ha

Land affected by soil erosion, thousand ha

Land affected by desertification, thousand ha

Portion of land area covered by forests/wetland to total area, %

Portion of agricultural land to total land area, %


Protected forests area (from industrial products) as a percent of total forest area