International water law and policy

International water law or the law of international water resources or the international river law is a branch of international law (IL) that governs water relations between states or between states and international organizations.

After adoption of the Convention on the protection and use of transboundary watercourses and international lakes (1992) and the Convention on the law of non-navigational uses of international watercourse (1997) the ‘law of international watercourses’ has become more often mentioned in academic literature. This means "the system of norms regulating inter-related public relations between states and other entities of international law in the use of international watercourses and international water catchments”. This definition underlies an expert opinion that “objects of international water relations are transboundary/international watercourses and international water catchments”.

There is no consensus among scientists on character of IL norms that govern issues related to transboundary water use and protection.

Currently, there are several views about the place of international water law (IWL) in the system of IL:

  1. A new IL institute has been formed in the international public law.
  2. IWL is a new branch of law that governs international water relations.
  3. New objects of international legal regulation have arisen in IL. Those are water resources and transboundary watercourses. Those objects are considered as specific objects under protection of international environmental law or as objects under IL.

Source (in Russian):
International water law
Kotova M.V. Subject of international water law and its place in the system of international public law

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