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Water supply and water use management in WUAs

1. The governance body of WUA is its Council (Board). The management body (executive body) of WUA is a service formed of employees and headed by Director (or chief irrigator).

2. The main tasks of WUAs management body are as follows:

  • Supply water (within the set water limits) to members of Association and to other water users within WUAs command area;
  • Take measures for improvement of irrigated land in the WUAs command area;
  • Introduce market-based water use principles in the WUAs command area;
  • Coordinate activities of all water users for reasonable and purposeful use of available water in the WUAs command area;
  • Protect users water rights; etc.

3. WUAs management body fulfills the following functions related to O&M:

  • Draws water use plans for their following approval by Irrigation System Administration, within the water limits allocated to WUA;
  • Signs contracts for water diversion and use with Irrigation System Administration and with WUAs members;
  • Ensures water delivery to users within the allocated water limits;
  • Arranges water metering at the boundary between WUA and water user;
  • Signs contracts between WUA and users, as well as between WUA and water-management organizations for repair of infrastructure;
  • Organizes work on cleaning, repair and reconstruction of water structures in the WUAs command area;
  • Organizes construction of water-metering facilities at boundaries of WUAs members and arranges certification and calibration of these facilities;
  • Renders procedural and practical assistance to users for leaching of salinized land;
  • Promotes application of best water saving practices and technology;
  • Draws annual business plans;
  • Subject to applicable regulations, submits information on its activity to District Agricultural and Water Divisions, Irrigation System Administration and other agencies.

Author: Mirzaev N.N., SIC ICWC