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Mechanical equipment for combined drainage excavation

When constructing combined drainage, the process of connection of vertical wells-amplifiers to closed horizontal drain (water conduit) can be considerably simplified by being combined with the process of mechanical laying of horizontal drainage. For this purpose, the bunker of the drainage machine must be equipped with oval guide pipeline and a device for supply of a flexible connecting branch above the corrugated pipe of horizontal drain (or water conduit).

This construction method presupposes preliminary arrangement of wells-amplifiers the water lift pipe of which during tubing is equipped with T-pipe at the level of laying of horizontal drain/water conduit. At that, a hard pipe is to be connected to the vertical pipe bend of the T-pipe, which can be taken out to the ground surface for performing repair and maintenance operations, as appropriate; and a flexible pipe is to be connected to the horizontal pipe bend, which also can be taken out to the ground surface for subsequent coupling with the horizontal pipeline.

When all vertical wells-amplifiers are installed in one section line of the system, connecting trenches are to be excavated by a single-bucket excavator next to each well; these trenches are to be connected with the designed route of horizontal drain/water conduit. Laying of horizontal drain/water conduit is performed by means of a drainage machine; at that, a preliminary prepared corrugated connecting piece is to be put into the guide pipeline of the drainage machine as approaching to the vertical well-amplifier. This connecting piece is taken out to the ground surface by its supply device in the bottomless bunker of the drainage machine.

At the final stage of erection works, the connecting piece taken out to the ground surface is pressure-tight connected with the flexible pipe of the vertical well-amplifiers horizontal pipe bend. Then, the flexible part of water lift pipe of the vertical well-amplifier is changed over to the horizontal position by reverse pull of another free end of the connecting piece from the guide pipeline. Thus, pressure-tight jointing of the connecting piece with the tubular route of horizontal drain/water conduit by plug connection of corrugated pipes is carried out on the ground surface before entrance of this unit to the drainage machines bunker.

This procedure is similar for connection of all subsequent wells-amplifiers. The final stage of construction consists as a rule in backing of all connection trenches and leveling of the route of combined drainage by bulldozer.