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Mechanical equipment for leaching saline soils

Leaching is usually carried out in autumn, when groundwater table is deep enough. Before leaching, the field is to be leveled, ploughed up and harrowed; then infiltration of supplied water into soil will be slower and more uniform. To implement leaching, the field is to be divided into parcels, i.e. check plots with an area of up to 0.25 ha. Leaching is usually performed in two stages.

Preparation of lands for leaching includes surface leveling, ploughing, harrowing, deep plowing in autumn and Closing in spring as well as, depending on irrigation type, layout of check plots and border strips, bunding, ridge tillage, installation of water outlets, and so on. Preparation of lands for leaching of saline soils is made by means of machines and mechanisms of general construction purpose (ploughs, harrows, scrapers, bulldozers, trench diggers, etc.).

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