Improvement of water and land productivity

The results of the farms' study and observations provide us with an opportunity to identify the causes of reduced efficiency of agricultural farms production. The most common causes of low-effective use of irrigation water and agricultural production are:

  • Unstable supply of irrigation water to the farms;
  • Inappropriate schemes and irrigation technology options;
  • Unnormalized use of irrigation water;
  • Use of fertilizers regardless to types, timing and application rates;
  • Poor quality of technical and agricultural land treatment;
  • Delays in pest and diseases control.

Based on the analysis of the current situation in the farms, the following recommendations for organization and imple-mentation of agricultural operations, including the various technologies of crops irrigation and land treatment have been developed.

It is recommend to do to obtain a good harvest and profit:

  • Use effective technological scheme of irrigation, taking into account the characteristics of each field;
  • Use irrigation water in accordance with the requ-irements of the crop considering the soil-reclamation conditions;
  • Apply the recommended norms of mineral and organic fertilizers within the recommended time schedule;
  • Use the control measures against diseases and pests effectively;
  • Conduct all agronomic works on timely basis.

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