Fish industry involves the activities associated with fishery and conservation of aquatic bioresources, aquaculture, production and sell of fish and other products obtained from aquatic bioresources.

Fish farming (pisciculture) is a branch of agriculture that deals with breeding fish, improvement and increase of fish reserves in water bodies. Fish farming is the main form of aquaculture, whereas other methods may fall within the definition of mariculture. Fish farming provides for breeding fish on a commercial basis in storage tanks or enclosures, as a rule for human consumption. The facility that allows releasing young fish to wildlife habitats for recreational (sport) fishing or for repopulation of natural species of fish is generally installed on fish hatcheries.

Fish farming allows raising the numbers of such species as salmon, catfish, tilapia, cod, carp, brook trout, and others. Rise in demand for wild fishing by commercial fish suppliers has just brought to their depopulation below acceptable level. Fish farming offers alternative solution for satisfying the market demand for fish and fish protein.

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