Aral Sea

The Aral Sea basin in figures

Area of basin – 1 550 000 km2

Irrigated area – 7.95 million ha (excluding Afghanistan)

Renewable water resources – 130 km3 of water per year

Total amount of water reservoirs with capacity of more than 100 million m3 – 80

Total capacity of water reservoirs – 60 km3

Total length of irrigation network:

  • inter-farm – 47.75 th. km
  • on-farm – 268.6 th. km

Total amount of drainage wells – 865 th.

Total length of collector-drainage network – 191.9 th. km,

  • including subsurface – 47.9 th. km

Electric power generation – 126 billion kW h,

  • including hydro electric power – 34.5 billion kW h

Water-resources scheme includes such a unique water reservoir as Toktogul with capacity of 19 km3, Charvak, Andijan and Nurek hydrounits with dams of 100-350 m in height, Karakum canal that is one of the largest gravity-flow carriers in the world with stream flow of 600 m3/sec and length of 1400 km, unique water lifting cascades, including Karshi cascade with flows of 350 m3/sec and lifting height of 180 m and so on.