Water Quality in Central Asia

The database displays information on the following parameters:

  • Oxygen, mg/l
  • Ammonium, mg/l
  • Nitrates, mg/l
  • Temperature, o
  • BOD, mg/l
  • COD, mg/l
  • Salinity, mg/l
  • TSS (total suspended solids), mg/l
  • Water discharge at the moment of sampling, m3/s

Information is displayed in tabular and graphical forms.

In addition, a special page serves for notes about sampling dates, etc.

The regional water quality work group has chosen the following pilot gauging stations:

  • Tigrovaya Balka on the Vakhsh river
  • Blagoveshenka village on the Chu river
  • Zhasorken village on the Talas river
  • Downstream Talas town on the Talas river
  • Boor-Terek village on the Talas river
  • Uch-Korghon village on the Talas river
  • Manas village on the Talas river

Information is displayed on monthly basis:

  • since 1980 till 2005 - once in every 5 years (historical data)
  • since 2006 till present time - annually

Special manuals were prepared for information systems users. These manuals describe how to register to DB, input data, handle the DB, etc.

Manual on use of CAREWIB Database

in Russian

Manual on use of Database "Water Quality"

in Russian