Transboundary water management adaptation in the Amudarya basin to climate change uncertainties

PEER Program Roundtable (3 April 2017, Tashkent)

The PEER Program encompasses 250 projects in 50 countries, including 5 projects carried out in the Central Asian countries and Afghanistan. 239 scientists from the United States are also involved in the program alongside with local scientists.

A roundtable was held at the U.S. Embassy in Uzbekistan to review implementation of the PEER Program.

The U.S. Ambassador Pamela Spratlen in her opening remarks has underlined the importance of adaptation in the Aral Sea basin countries to climate change on the basis of cooperation. She has expressed a hope that currently conditions offer wider opportunities for better interactions between the riparian countries. In this context, research activities of local scientists in cooperation with the U.S. peers will be beneficial.

Then, the reports were delivered by:

  • Prof. Victor Dukhovny, Anatoly Sorokin (SIC ICWC) on “Transboundary Water Management Adaptation in the Amudarya River Basin to Climate Change Uncertainties”
  • Kakhramon Djumaboev (IWMI) on “Mitigating Competition for Water in the Amudarya River Basin by Improving Water Use Efficiency”
  • Zafar Gafurov (IWMI) on “Implications of Climate Change, Land Use and Adaptation Interventions on Water Resources and Agricultural Production in Transboundary Amudarya River Basin”
  • Jason Porter (USAID) on “Partnerships for Enhanced Engagement in Research: Transboundary Research in Central Asia”
  • Kristina Toderich (UNCAWR / ICBA) on “Use of Non-Conventional Agricultural Water Resources to Strengthen Water and Food Security in Transboundary Watersheds of the Amudarya River Basin”
  • Jusipbek Kazbekov, Atabek Umirbekov (CAREC) on “Provision of Science Based Evidence on Climate Induced Water Quality Challenges in Amudarya Basin” and on “Smart Waters”.

The roundtable was facilitated by Ryder Rogers and John Riordan.

SIC ICWC presentation «Transboundary Water Management Adaptation in the Amudarya River Basin to Climate Change Uncertainties»

SIC ICWC presentation «Calculation of crop water requirements in climate change context and production agricultural crops»