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Development of theoretical and practical background of improving and optimizing soil wetting, including use of non-traditional reclamation approaches.

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The Republic of Tadjikistan.



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Nosirov N.K. The Republic of Tadjikistan, Dushanbe


Objects of studies were opted completed with equipment for in-soil pulp application. Alumina quarry was opted to produce pulp, studies on determination of its consistence were carried out. Com­parative studies of existing irrigation technique on stony soils of Kanybadam rayon of Sugd oblast were carried out. Water-physical properties of stony soils on pilot plot were studied. Advance rates of different water discharges and water filtration rate on stony soils according to Nesterov's method.

Key words

soils; irrigated lands; irrigation technique


1. Author - Nosirov N.K. Title - "Perfection of gray desert soils reclamation technology un­der construction and operatyion of irrigation systems in Tadjiki­stan" Dushanbe, 1993 2.   Author - Sheikin G.Y. Title - "Irrigation technique and organization in Tadjikistan" Dushanbe, "Irfon" 1970