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Development and introduction of water saving system on base of new irrigation technology in different natural zones of Tadjikistan.

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The Republic of Tadjikistan.



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Olymov Kh.O. The Republic of Tadjikistan, Dushanbe


Analysis of irrigation network efficiency, irrigation technology, and uniformity of irrigation water and wetting distribution over irrigated plots area in different zones under existing irrigation methods was carried out. Assessment of agricultural crops' irriga­tion efficiency was carried out with new irrigation methods appli­cation. Comparative analysis results showed that of all existing irrigation methods the most effective is drip irrigation. Under drip irrigation on EPP 5.5-6.0 t/ha raw-cotton, on sloping plots 18-20 t/ha grape and apple were obtained. Water saving is 1.5-2 in com­parison with furrow irrigation. Soil washing off and erosion are excluded totally, especially mudflows in mountainous conditions, fertilizers application norm is reduced by 20-25% at the expense of lack of release and percolation, uniform wetting over area occurs. Plants care is facilitated. It is possible to achieve total mechaniza­tion and automation of water allocation, etc.

Key words

water saving; irrigation technique; cotton; drip irrigation


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