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Development of single system of water consumption norms estab­lishment in irrigated farming for Aral Sea basin and introduction of irrigation water saving technique on basic model of operative "planning of irrigation and feeding regimes under farms transit to chargeable water use.

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Domullodjanov Kh.D. The Republic of Tadjikistan.



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The Republic of Tadjikistan, Dushanbe


Studies are dedicated to establishment of agricultural crops water consumption norms for different natural-economical conditions of Tadjikistan in relation with change of technical level of hydro-reclamation systems and year water availability. Statistical proc­essing of meteorological data of all meteostations of Tadjikistan was carried out, values of temperature and relative air humidity and precipitation were defined under 5, 25, 50, 75, 95 % availabil­ity, evaporability deficit (evaporability minus precipitation for pe­riod IV-IX) was calculated for these values of meteorological pa­rameters availability. Values of wetting coefficient were defined, isolines of wetness were drawn on map. Agroclimatic zoning of cotton sowing zone of Tadjikistan was carried out. Methodic of calculating gross irrigation norms was developed, coefficients in­cluded in formula of irrigation norms calculation were amplified.

Key words

water consumption; norms establishment; irrigated farming


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