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Creation of zonal scientific-production system on water saving technique and agricultural crops irrigation technique under condi­tions of Gyssar valley on base of "Pobeda" collective farm in Leninsky rayon

Project location

The Republic of Tadjikistan.



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Project manager

Rakhmatilloyev R.R. The Republic of Tadjikistan, Dushanbe


Correction of water use plan of "Pobeda" collective farm with ac­count for change of sowing areas structure and irrigation networks schemes was carried out. Initial requirements to formation of water use plan calculation algorithm on personal computer were pre­pared. Examination and geodesic surveys of on-farm water inlets were fulfilled, working drawings were developed and water meas­urement devices were selected.

Key words

Irrigation network, water use


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3. Recommendations on high cotton crop yields production in Tadjik SSR MSH, TadjSSR, Dushanbe, 1983