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Recommendations on crop irrigation regime and water allocation correction in conditions of limited wateruse and irrigation water deficit.

Project location

The Republic of Tadjikistan.



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Kh. D. Domullodjanov The Republic of Tadjikistan, Dushanbe


It is determined, that irrigation norm on evaporation deficit calculation will provide its decrease. Dependence of crop capacity on water availability level is established on a base of long-term researches. Empirical links of yield/maximum yield ration with water availability on 95,90,85,80%. Hydromodule rayons on administrative rayons are defined. Evaporation deficit  and its availability for the calculated years are computed. Coefficients of irrigation norms/medium size fiber cotton are calculated. It is determined, that loss under furrows irrigation is from 20 to 47,5%.

Key words

irrigation regime; cotton; watersue; irrigation water


1. Author - Kh.D. Domullodjanov. Title - "Cotton irrigation regime optimization in Tadjikistan", TadjikNIIGim, Dushanbe, 1990 2. Author - Kh. D. Domullodjanov. Title - "Irrigation of cotton crop rotation in Tadjikistan", TadjikNIIGim, Dushanbe, 1983