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Complex  of organizational  and technical  measures development for untreated collector-drainage waters, industrial and sewerage discharge cessation and prevention to AmuDarya and SyrDarya rivers.

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The Republic of Tadjikistan.



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E.N. Skvaletsky The Republic of Tadjikistan, Dushanbe


The reasons of rivers water quality aggravation are collector-drainage flow volume increase with progressive water quality aggravation, waste waters reuse for irrigation. Return waters reuse for irrigation influence on water quality aggravation in number of basins. Kafirnigan, Zerafshan, SyrDarya, Kyzylsy and Yahsy basin rivers suffer by luck of irrigation water in July-September even in period of water availability (40-50%). This circumstance lead to return waters use for irrigation which is reason of irrigated land salinity. Analysis of collector-drainage discharge to Isfara-Lyaksky valley and water quality in Isfara river is conducted. Conception of river water quality and environment improvement on water management rayons on the whole is developed.

Key words

return water; drainage flow; water quality


Authors - Kh.D. Domullodjanov, S.I. Isomutdinov Title - "Calculation of total evaporation under harvest programming on hydromorphus soils", TadjikNIIGim, Dushanbe, 1994