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Development and introduction of water saving irrigation technology on a background of basic model of irrigation regime planning under farms transition to paid water use

Project location

The Republic of Tadjikistan, Khorezm oblast., Shaartuzsky rayon., “Beshkent-1” collective farm.



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R.R. Rahmatilloev., S.I. Isomutdinov

The Republic of Tadjikistan, Dushanbe


The main aim is to receipt programmed raw-cotton harvest under rational and effective irrigation water use. Active plane of irrigation and recharge regimes is elaborated for programmed harvest obtain, perfected cotton irrigation technology on a background of concentrated irrigation is developed.

Proposed technology allow conduct more effective agro-technical measures.  Combination of deep subsoiling, ridge sowing; accuracy seeding, tillage between rows minimizing with optimal irrigation regime, recharge, irrigation technique, pests and diseases control, provides receipt of programmed high quality harvest with minimal expenses. 

Key words

irrigation technique; irrigation regime; soils; fertilizers; crop yield; cotton


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