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Development and introduction of automatic water allocation in Yanvansky irrigation system on a background of active planning and crop irrigation regulation technology

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The Republic of Tadjikistan



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S.I.Isomutdinov The Republic of Tadjikistan, Dushanbe


Actual   discharge   in  outlets   are  defined   and  compared  with  water consumption plan; cotton crop rotation irrigation regime is defined and active irrigation schedule is elaborated; methods for cotton crop rotation irrigation regime calculation is developed; programs for PC is elaborated. It is evident, that methods of active planning optimization foresee total automation of water allocation processes. It is requires significant capital investment for irrigation system equipment by automatic water allocation means as well as water accounting and communication. Algorithm of active water allocation calculation on example of right blanches of Yavansky main canal is elaborated on a basis of methods of active water allocation optimization.

Key words

automation; optimization; water allocation; regulation; irrigation systems


Authors - Kh. D. Domullodjanov., S.I. Isomutdinov Title - "Calculation of total evaporation under harvest programming on hydromorphus soils" Information, TadjikNIIGim , Dushanbe, 1994