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Close horizontal drainage system in Khorezm Experimental Farm of SPA SANIIRI

Project location

The Republic of Uzbekistan, Khorezm oblast, Khiva rayon, “Navoi” collective farm.



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T. Djalilova., SANIIRI

The Republic of Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4/11


Investigations related to complex of reclamation measures development on warning and second salinity control on a background of leaching regime and leaching; land drainability increase by means of close horizontal drainage system construction; ground of different close horizontal drainage structures and application of more effective drainage type in conditions of stratific floating earth, providing maximum reclamation and technical- economy efficiency. Natural conditions of experimental plot are typical for the lower reaches of AmuDarya river. Climate is continental,  dry.  Relief is flat.  Soils are  saline, sulfate and chloride-sulfate type.  Ground water depth- 0,5-1,0 m, during vegetation period reaches soil surface,  salinity-4,6-15,3 g/l.Experimental plot area is 214 ha (gross).30 wells with different filter structures are constructed.Plot is equipped by measurement and accounting measures.

Investigations showed that from different filter structures of close horizontal drainage more effective is small close drainage from polyethylene pump diameter 125mm with roll winding and additional sand filling.

Key words

close drainage; horizontal drainage; water salt balance; soil salinity; ground water regime; salinity; desalinization; cotton


Authors - V.A. Dukhovny, T. Djalieva, O Eshchanov Title - “ Some directions of reclamation improvement in conditions of Khorezm”

Scientific Collection of SANIIRI, 1994.