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Study and development of technology of acceleration strongly saline  gypsum bearing soils desalinization by means of capital leaching conduction through rice sowing and without it on experimental plot with vertical drainage system in “50 years of Uzbekistan” collective farm  

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The Republic of Uzbekistan, SyrDarya oblast, Saihunabadsky rayon, “50 years ofUzbekistan” collective farm.



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Kh. I. Yakubov., SPA SANIIRI

The Republic of Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4/11


Investigations related to adustment of methods of accelerated strongly saline gypsym bearing soils desalinization by means of capital leaching conduction through rice, irrigated land productivity increase and water salt regime management on a background of vertical drainage.

Relief is hilly. 

Ground water level -3-3,5m, salinity -6-25 g/l.

Soils are middle and heavy loam with gypsum layers, saline, chloride-sulfate and sulfate-chloride type.

Area under investigations is 3000 ha, from which under irrigation - 1538 ha. Experimental plot area is 14 ha (accelerated desalinization by means of capital leaching conduction) and 297,5ha (desalinization through rice sowing, two alternatives).

On plot 28 wells of vertical drainage  are constructed.

Field investigations and calculations showed that along with desalinization water expenses for 1th of salt removal are sharply increase, therefore, leaching of strongly saline hardly reclaimed soils by norm more 12-13 th. m3/ha is not expedient. Such soils desalinization should be conducted gradually by autunm-winter leaching  in combination with leaching regime. Practical recommendations on  vertical drainage pumping regime planning taking in to account ground water use for irrigation and methods of accelerated soil desalinization are given.

Key words

saline soil; desalinization; leaching; vertical drainage; rice; cotton


Authors - Kh. I. Yakubov 

Title - “Saline soil reclamation on background of vertical drainage”

“Mehnat”, Tashkent, 1990

Principles of irrigated territory typization on reclamation, perfect types of drainage selection  are given, basic requirements to initial data obtaining for desalinization measures designing and conformity of water salt processes formation on a background of vertical drainage  are developed. Description and analysis of desalinization processes and water salt regimes  management under leaching are given. Principles of vertical drainage pumping regime planning providing optimal reclamation regimes on irrigated lands are given.