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Study of vertical drainage parameters and reclamation efficiency definition , water salt regime regulation for river downstream.

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Kazakhstan, Chimkent oblast, Kyzylkum massif, c/f "Dostyk"



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G.Yuldashev, SANIIRI, Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4, 11


Study is directed to vertical drainage parameters and efficiency definition, water-salt balance regulation for river lower reaches. Climate is sharply continental. Relief is terraced. Area is 1327ha Ground water salinity is l-3g/l, sulfate type of salinity. Soil- desert and meadow-desert sandy loam, loam (light, medium and heavy), salinity type is chloride-sulfate. There are 8 vertical wells of depth 40-59m. In-farm canals with concrete lining and flumes with specific extent 24 m/ha. Plot is equipped by water metering devices. Vertical drainage regime has been developed providing optimal soil reclamation regime in conditions of alluvial valley with low thickness top deposits.

Key words

Vertical drainage, soil salination, ground water, water-salt regime, cotton, alfalfa


Authors: M.Dzhurayev, G.Yuldashev Title: "Soil water-salt regime on background of vertical drainage in Syrdarya downstream", SANIIRI, 1988 Soil water-salt regime peculiarities under low thickness top layer in Kyzylkum massif.