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Field test of subsurface drainage optimal parameters in Bukhara oblast

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Uzbekistan, Bukhara oblast, Alat rayon, c/f "Khodzhayev"



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V.Nasonov, SANIIRI, Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4, 11


Study is directed to soil salination combating and irrigated lands productivity improvement based on background of subsurface drainage and leaching regime of irrigation, drainage parameters definition on desert and meadow-desert soils in Zerafshan delta, water-salt regime management. Climate is sharply continental. Relief is flat. Area is 250 ha (gross). Ground water salinity is 2-60 g/l. Soil- desert and meadow-desert sandy loam, loam (light, medium and heavy), saline. Irrigation network -flumes (80%), rest -in earthen channel. Major crops: wheat (90%), maize for silo (5-6%), cotton (3-4%), vegetables-melons (3-4%). Practical recommendations are developed on subsurface drainage optimal parameters selection for desert and meadow-desert soils in delta.

Key words

subsurface drainage, irrigated lands, desalination, leaching , cotton


4.   Authors: A.Alimjanov, Title: "Shallow subsurface drainage efficiency on meadow soils of Bukhara oblast", SANIIRI, 1995 Soil water-salt regime and balance elements changes under subsurface drainage with various parameters (deep and shallow).