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Study of water salt regime and ecological-reclamation processes management on background of vertical drainage in Zerafshan delta

Project location

Uzbekistan, Bukhara oblast


70.03.21; 70.21.39

Rubric (SIC ICWC); 01.45

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Project manager

N.Reshetkina, VNIIGiM, Russia, Moscow, B.Academicheskaya, 44


Study is directed to soil salination combating based on drainage strengthening, leaching and leaching regime of irrigation. Climate is sharply continental. Relief is flat. Ground water table is 2-3m (dry year), 0.5-1.2 m (wet year) water salinity is 0.8-2.0g/l, in sands-9-40g/l. Soil-sandy loam, loam (light, medium and heavy), saline within layer 0.2-0.5m. Irrigated lands of Bukhara oasis 425 th. ha from which 51.9 th.ha are covered by vertical drainage with depth 25-45m. Collector-drainage network specific extent is 8.46 m/ha Balance plots with area 520 ha are equipped by measuring devices. It is found that further land development to be based on vertical drainage. 250 vertical wells have been constructed in Vabkent, Bukhara and Kagan rayons. Set of measures is developed for ecological-reclamation processes management in order to save irrigation water and increase irrigated land productivity.

Key words

Vertical drainage, irrigated lands, zoning, water-salt regime, leaching, desalination, cotton


2. Authors: N.Reshetkina, Kh.Yakubov Title: "Vertical drainage", Moscow, 1978 System analysis is given for soil desalination process and water use improvement. Main principles of pumping regime with regard for pumped water use for irrigation providing optimal reclamation regime.