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Study vertical drainage systems performance efficiency in conditions of Hunger steppe.(VDS EPP)

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The Republic of Uzbekistan, Syrdarya oblast, "50 years of Uzbekistan" state farm


70.03.21; 70.21.39; 70.23.39

Rubric (SIC ICWC); 01.45;

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Reshetkina N.M., WNIIGiM Russia, Moscow, 127550, B. Academicheskaya str., 44


Studies are dedicated to soil salinity control on rice irrigation systems by intensifying area drainability and salt removal from soils by ground water pumping and providing soil water-salt regime management Climate is continental. Soils - serozem-meadow, middle and heavy loam, different salinity degrees with salt spots. State farmlands are located in zone of increased ground water inflow. EPP area is 3 th. ha. On-farm irrigation network - in earthen channel, efficiency 0.65-0.75. Drainage network depth is 1.5-3.5 m, specific length is 25-45 m/ha. 28 vertical drainage wells with depth 65-80 m were constructed. On farm area balance plots were established with area 100-250 ha equipped by measurement devices. Studies established that in conditions of Hunger steppe zone of active water exchange under vertical drainage systems influence is expanded to one fifth of wells depth (to 100 m), and salt exchange - on top melkozem thickness (25-30 m). Reclamation effectiveness manifested for 3-4 years instead of planned 7-9 years. Set  of reclamation  measures  was  developed  on  ecological-reclamation processes management to save irrigation water and increase irrigated lands productivity.

Key words

vertical drainage; soils; water-salt balance; water-salt regime; cotton.


1 . Authors - Reshetkina N.M., Yakubov Kh.Y. Title - "Vertical drainage" M., Kolos, 1978 In monograph principles of irrigated areas classification according to reclamation complexity, option of perfect drainage types, main requirements to initial data reception for designing desalinizating measures and water-salt processes regularities on background of vertical drainage are given. System analysis of field study results of soil desalinization process and water use improvement under leaching and leaching irrigation regime achieved in experimental-pilot projects and large irrigated massifs were carried out. Basic principles of forming vertical drainage systems pumping regime including ground water use for irrigation allowing creation of optimal reclamation regimes on irrigated lands.