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Study of efficiency of mineralized drainage water reuse on rice fields of Kazakhstan

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The Republic of Kazakhstan, South-Kazakh oblast, Shardarya rayon, "50 years of October" collective farm. 


70.21.33; 70.03.21

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A.A. Djumabekov, KazNIIGim

The Republic of Kazakhstan, 484022,Taraz, Koygeldi-4/11


Investigations related to establishment of rational irrigation technology of rice crop rotation with mineralized drainage wastewater use providing favorable reclamative conditions of irrigated lands and their high productivity.

Management of soil and ground water salt regimes under drainage wastewater use for irrigation and leaching, as well as drainage flow quality.

Climate is sharply continental. Relief is hilly.

Soils are strongly saline, chloride-sulfate type Ground water is mineralized, chloride-sulfate type.

According to investigations the irrigation regime, irrigation technology with mineralized drainage wastewater use is adjusted.  Management of volume and quantity of drainage wastewaters is fulfilled as well as proposals on reclamative regimes optimization and irrigated lands productivity increase are scientifically proved.

Key words

irrigation regime; irrigation technique; water quality; drainage flow; mineralization; rice; water salt balance; water salt regime


Author - A.A. Djumabekov

Title -"Optimization of irrigation on rice fields of Aral sea coastal zone " Alamaty, "Bastu", 1996.

1.The results of long-term researches on rational water resources use on rice systems of Aral sea coastal zone are generalized. Water saving technologies for rice and accompanying crops irrigation in conditions of water deficit and its quality deterioration is stated. Irrigation-ecological assessment of drainage wastewaters is given, the opportunities and conditions of their use for irrigation of rice crop rotation and leaching are considered.

2. Authors - A.A. Djumabekov, A.G. Rau

Title - "Rational technology for irrigation of rice crop rotation by drainage wastewater in SyrDarya river basin", 1984.

The results of field investigations on allowable mineralization establishment for irrigation of rice crop rotation are obtained, the rational irrigation technology, providing change of mineralization and chemical composition of drainage wastewaters is developed, the influence of mineralization of irrigation water on growth, development and productivity is described.