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Improvement of water use and soil desalination on background of horizontal drainage

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The Republic of Kazakhstan, South-Kazakh oblast, Burgunsky rayon, "Timiryazev", "Isahanov" collective farms. 



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F. Vishpolsky, KazNIIGim

The Republic of Kazakhstan, 484022,Taraz, Koygeldi-4/11


Investigations related to rational technology development for soil desalinization by means of horizontal drainage construction, leaching and leaching regime conducting, drainage system workability in stratified ground and their reclamative efficiency establishing, leaching technology improvement.

Natural conditions of experimental plot are typical for the most part of interfluve of Bugun-Chayan.

Soils structure corresponds to loess-like loam; saline, chloride-sulfate type Ground water depth -2,5-3,0m, salinity -7-14 g/l, chloride-sulfate type.

Experimental plot area is 135 ha.

Close drainage depth is 2,5-3,0m specific length -40 m/ha, collectors - 20m/ha.

Ground water regime was studied on observant wells (85) with depth 5m. 

During investigations the technology of accelerated soil desalination rate and their productivity rehabilitation is established; irrigation water discharge reduction on a basis of soil drainability and salt capacity strengthening under leaching. Leaching technology parameters, depths and degrees of desalinization of aeration zone and ground water is optimized.   

Key words

soil salinity; ground water level; leaching


Author - F.F. Vishpolsky

Title -" Influence of leaching on soil desalinization and ground water in zone of Arus-Turkestan canal"

The collection of  KazNIIGim, 1992.

Results on establishment of regularity of moisture and salts movement in soil-ground water system at the various leaching norms, water-salt balances formation in aeration zone and cover water-bearing thickness are obtained. The questions on water use improvement at the expense of vegetation flow use are considered.