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Improvement of water consumption at the expense of drainage water intrasystem use for irrigation

Project location

The Republic of Kazakhstan, South-Kazakh oblast, Turkestan rayon, "Ikan" farm. 



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Project manager

F. Vishpolsky, KazNIIGim

The Republic of Kazakhstan, 484022,Taraz, Koygeldi-4/11


Investigations related to establishment of efficiency of drainage water use for irrigation in places of their formation and drainage flow management with the purposes of drainage water discharge decrease outside of irrigated territories, irrigated lands water availability increase at the expense of volume of groundwater pumping for irrigation and their plots under sub-irrigation.Relief is hilly. Soils structure corresponds to heavy and middle loam; 60-65% of area not saline; 30% - spot salinity, 5-10% -medium and slightly saline, chloride -sulfate type.Experimental plot area is 8,5 th.ha. Land use efficiency -0,7.   Water supply from distributive canals, efficiency -0,75Number of vertical drainage wells is 60, depth 25-35m with gravel-sand filter.

During investigations the regularity of ground water formation on irrigated lands is established and technology of their maximum use on irrigation is adjusted by vertical drainage operation regime optimization, system measures on irrigated lands efficiency increase and their water availability improvement is fulfilled.

Key words

vertical drainage; drainage flow; water reuse; cotton; grain crops 


Author - F.F. VishpolskyTitle -" Surface and ground water rational use in "XXIII sezd KPSS" collective farm.Recommendations, KazNIIGim, 1992.

Methods of irrigated lands water availability increase by means of coordinated drainage system operation regime with water supply and irrigation are considered as well as favorable soil water-salt regime creation and crops productivity increase.