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Water salt regime of rice fields management on background of horizontal drainage

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The Republic of Kazakhstan, South-Kazakh oblast, Shardarya rayon, "Comsomol" farm.†



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S.D. Magai, KazNIIGim

The Republic of Kazakhstan, 484022,Taraz, Koygeldi-4/11


Investigations related to salination control on rice fields by means of territory drainability strengthening and leaching regime conduction, water salt regime of rice fields management on background of close horizontal drainage and their productivity increase.Climate is sharply continental. Relief is hilly. Ground water depth is 4-5m, salinity -4,4g/l, chloride-sulfate type.† Soils are strongly saline, chloride-sulfate type. Area under irrigation is 180ha.Drainage system is open and close horizontal. Irrigation system is group distributors and ditches.Experimental plot is equipped with necessary means of measurement and account for supervision conducting.

Investigations allowed to establish efficiency of close horizontal drainage in comparison with open as well as optimal limits of soil water salt regime regulation on rice fields providing land efficiency increase.†

Key words

rice systems; horizontal drainage; water salt regime; reclamative regime; rice


Author - S.D. MegaiTitle -"Reclamative effect of drainage on rice system"The bulletin of agricultural sciences of Kazakhstan, 1979.

According to materials of field investigations on Kizilkum rice system comparative analysis of reclamative effect of close and open horizontal drainage is given.† The advantage of horizontal drainage is shown.