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Establishment of water consumption and water disposal norms on base of optimizing vertical drainage operation

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The Republic of Kazakhstan, South-Kazakhstan oblast, Turkestan rayon, "Ykan" state farm


70.21.33; 70.23.39

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Vyshpolsky F., KazNIIGiM The Republic of Kazakhstan, 484022, Taraz, Kogeildy str., 12


Studies are dedicated to development of measures set on reducing water consumption and water disposal norms by using effectively surface and ground water for irrigation, optimizing vertical drainage operation regime, increasing ground water share in sub-irrigation, reducing water discharge for physical evaporation. Climate is continental. Relief is slightly undulated. Soils - heavy and semi-loam, 65-70% of area - non-saline, 20-25% - spot salinity, 5-10% - medium and weakly saline, chloride-sulfate type. Ground water is saline (1-3 g/1), hydro-carbonate-calcium and hydro-carbonate-sulfate type, more seldom calcium-magnum-sodium. EPP area is 8.5 ha, land use efficiency 0.7. Water supply - from distribution canals. One third of irrigation network has anti-filtration cover, efficiency 0.75. Vertical drainage wells- 60. Main result of studies - reclamation situation improvement, sustainable high yields of basic for this zone crops (cotton, cereals, alfalfa for hay), under water diversion reduction, water consumption annual norm reduction at the expense of synchronizing vertical drainage operation regime with water supply and irrigation regime.

Key words

Norm establishment; water consumption; drainage outflow; vertical drainage; water table; soils; productivity; cotton; grain cereals; alfalfa.


1. Author - Vyshpolsky F.F., Magay S.D. Title - "Perfection of irrigated lands productivity increase technol- ogy" KazNIIGiM coll. of research papers, 1997 Changes of soil physical-chemical properties, salt continent, absorbed basis, drainage water salinity are given. It is established that norms of water disposal and consumption providing favorable reclamation situation on irrigated lands depend on ground water regime, soil and irrigation water salinity degree.