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Water use improvement and soil water-salt regime management on the background of vertical drainage

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The Republic of Kazakhstan, South-Kazakhstan oblast, Turkestan rayon, "Communism" collective farm


70.03.21; 70.21.39

Rubric (SIC ICWC); 01.45

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Vyshpolsky F., KazNIIGiM The Republic of Kazakhstan, 484022, Taraz, Kogeildy str., 12


Studies are dedicated to irrigated lands salinity control on base of drainability, leaching and irrigation leaching regime, soil water-salt regime management, irrigated lands water availability increase, ecological situation improvement on adjacent areas at the expense of drainage water re-use for leaching and irrigation. Climate is continental. Relief is slightly undulated. Soils - loess-like loam, saline, chloride-sulfate type. Ground water table is 1-2 m (in spring), 2.2-3.2 g/1 (in autumn), salinity degree is 1-2 g/1, chloride-sulfate type. EPP area is 500 ha. Water supply from ditch and vertical drainage wells. 5 vertical drainage wells on depth 25-30 m with gravel-pebble screens were constructed. According to results of studies set of reclamation measures on soil desalinization rate acceleration and their productivity increase, irrigated lands water availability improvement, water consumption norms reduction as well as agriculture profitability.

Key words

Water-salt regime; water consumption; desalinization; leaching; ground water; productivity; cotton


1. Author - Vyshpolsky F.F. Title - "Horizontal drainage and effective water resources use in Arys-Turkestan canal zone" Bulletin of agricultural sciences of Kazakhstan, 1970 In article results of field studies on joint use of surface and ground water use for irrigation, soil water-salt regime formation are described. Basic provisions on water management due to use and restoration of ground water supplies on irrigated area are given.