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Study of irrigated lands water-salt regime management and vertical drainage operation regulation in Kagan rayon of Bukhara oblast.

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The Republic of Uzbekistan, Bukhara oblast, Kagan rayon.


70.03.21; 70.21.39

Rubric (SIC ICWC); 01.45

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Ykramov R.K., SPA SANIIRI The Republic of Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4, 1 1


Studies are dedicated to assessment of vertical drainage systems operation regime impact, its technical state, agricultural crops irrigation and leaching regime, irrigation water quality for ecological-reclamation processes on specific large irrigated massif (Kagan rayon), development of methodical and practical recommendations on improvement of reclamation regimes and vertical drainage system operation regimes for specific large hydro-reclamation systems acceptable for next 3-5 years. Rayon is located on left bank of Zerafshan river, in south-east part of Bukhara oasis. Climate is dry, semi-desert. Soils - saline, chloride-sulfate type. Rayon belongs to poor drained zones without outflow. Ground water is saline. Irrigation source - Shakhrud canal. Inter-district canals flow capacity 0.9-0.96, inter-farm 0.75-0.85, on-farm - 0.7-0.79. On-farm irrigation network - in earthen channel. On this area 127 vertical drainage wells with depth 20-25 m were constructed. Specific length of horizontal drainage is 32 m/ha, depth - 2.4 m (primary drains), 3.0 m (main collectors) and 3.45 m (collectors). According to results of these studies and forecast calculations of common and private water-salt balances concrete recommendations on reclamation regimes improvement and adjusted regime of vertical drainage system operation are developed. These measures allow to stabilize ecological-reclamation processes on irrigated lands of region and provide agricultural crop yield capacity increase.

Key words

Soils; reclamation state; vertical drainage; salinity; irrigation water; cotton.


Authors - Yakubov Kh.L, Ykramov R.K., Ruziyeva G.T., Rakhi-mov N.R., Yusupov G.U. Title - "Recommendations on adjusted pumping regime of vertical drainage system in Kagan rayon of Bukhara oblast" Tashkent, SANIIRI, 1990 Actual reclamation processes in 1985-88 were studied, results of field investigations and measurement of vertical and open horizontal drainage wells' parameters were given. On base of forecasts of water-salt balances recommendations on improvement of reclamation situation and pumping regime of vertical drainage system were developed.