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Investigation and development of complex measures on vertical drainage system exploitation improvement and water availability of irrigated lands of Arus-Turkestan massive increase under conditions of limited water resources.

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The Republic of Kazakhstan, Chimkent oblast, Arus-Turkestan massive



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M.K. Djuraev., SPA SANIIRI

The Republic of Uzbekistan, 700187, Tashkent, Karasu-4/11


Investigations related to development of complex measures on strengthening ground water withdrawal by wells of vertical drainage, rationalization of surface and ground water resources combination as well as limited water resources re-allocation between farms.   Arus-Turkestan massive related to Burgun and Turkestan rayons.Climat is sharply continental. Irrigated area -52,4 th.ha In Burgun rayon ground water depth is 1,5-2,5m with salinity -1-3 and 2-5 g/l.In Turkestan rayon ground water depth is 4-7m and more, salinity up to 1 g/l. Soils are saline, chloride-sulfate and sulfate type. Irrigation from Turkestan main canal, efficiency -0,77.Five farms have been selected for investigations conduction.

According to results scientific grounded recommendations on optimal ground water withdrawal and water resources re-allocation for rational water availability of irrigated lands creation are developed.

Key words

irrigation regime; ground water level; salinity; water salt regime; vertical drainage; cotton


Authors - M.K. Djuraev; B.F. Ganihodjaev; M.A. Yakubov  Title - “Peculiarities of pumped drainage water use for irrigation on Arus-Turkestan massive”UzNIINTI, № 1600-Uz92, Tashkent, 1992

Results on vertical drainage system rational operation regime establishment for ground water maintenance at optimal depth are given. Volumes of pumped water, which can be used for irrigation in conditions of limited water availability of Arus-Turkestan massive are defined.