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Assessment of different† types of leaching effectiveness on background of vertical drainage

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Tajikistan, Khatlon oblast, Bohtar rayon, collectivefarm "Safarov"



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I.Aliyev, TASHI, Tajikistan, Dushanbe, 734001, Rudaky str. 21a


Study is directed to soil salination prevention based on soil profile desalination, leaching and vertical drainage role definition. Climate is continental, sub-tropical. Relief- cup-shaped.† Soils-sierozems, partially saline, (3g/l on average), chloride-sulfate and sulfate-chloride type. Ground water depth is 0.5-3.0 m, salinity 50g/l, chloride-sulfate. The following conclusion is made: -for salts and strongly saline soils desalination saline ground water (4-6 g/l) can be used; -leaching over 20ha and more on background of vertical drainage does not negatively affects ecologically beyond irrigated field; -slowed with† interruptions of 10-20 days water supply with vertical drainage stoppage at the same time, leaching accoding to desalination effect; -more check ridges size, more soil mass remains unleached that creates secondary salination.

Key words

Soil salination, leaching, salinity, cotton


1. Authors: P.Pankratov, V.Kireev, A.Sundukov Title: "Experience of saline soils leaching by saline ground water", Dushanbe, 1969 4.†† Authors: V.Kireev, Title: "Saline soil under rice leaching on background of vertical drainage", Dushanbe, 1989 Saline water (5-10g/l) use experience for salt desalination is shown. Soil desalination effective technology is shown for rice irrigated by fresh water.